The Business Case for Mobile

Only 11% of mobile users are accessing mobile websites while 89% are accessing apps. ~Nielsen, April, 2014.

To reach craft beer drinkers when they are deciding what craft beer to drink and where to drink it, your brand and beer styles must be accessible to them on mobile devices.

Most craft brewer websites are designed to work on desktop and laptop computers and are not optimized for mobile devices.

Is your website is optimized for mobile? Test it. Open your website on your phone and use the beer finder. Then open the Craft Beer Planit app. See the difference? Now compare them after 3 or 4 craft beers…

Craft Beer Planit and CBP apps are focused on one thing: selling beer. Our purpose is to get craft beers into the hands of craft beer drinkers as quickly and easily as possible. Our apps will even call a taxi or connect your customers with UBER.

Craft Beer Planit will develop, design and build a beer finder app for your brand featuring your beer styles and on and off premise accounts.

CBP builds affordable beer finder apps featuring everything from basic finder functionality to user geolocation, search radius control, style filtering, label graphics and point-to-point directions. And, all CBP apps can be upgraded when you’re ready.

We invite you to watch these two short videos of real craft beer drinkers discussing and interacting with apps and real craft brewer websites. You will quickly see why nearly 90% of them are using apps.